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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 15:14:24 18/11/04

A moment of silence please.....Stuart Little met his maker this morning on our kitchen counter! Yuck! Jeff was the first one up---on purpose---to see if we were successful. I had lulled myself into believing that he had left on his own accord until 2 days ago when I found more evidence that he had not. So, I called Todd the Orkin Guy to come in and take care of it! Todd was talking some serious smack about being the king of the mouse hunt and turns out, he IS! Stuart had become quite fat at our house by the way. Jeff was kind enough to dispose of him before I got up, but he took a digital shot of him for me. Thanks Honey! Joey and I are into baking today. It is Jeff's birthday and we will be having a small little party-just the four of us tonight. Joey and I are going to make a cake and wait for Gina to decorate it when she gets home from school. Joey looks wonderful today. It is his 3rd day of Accutane and so far, he is taking on this new med without any trouble. He has to swallow three 20 mg capsules in the AM and three more in the PM along with all of his other meds. He said to me, "Mommy, I can take ANY pill! Piece of Cake!" Thank you God! The side effects are primarily dry skin. Of all the therapies, it has the least scary side effect list. It also includes joint pain. Joey freaked me out yesterday by complaining of his knee---the right one---you know, where all the trouble started? But, today he seems fine and I am telling myself this is due to the new med. I will mention it at our clinic appointment next week, but for now, we are going to live in our new normal. Yesterday, we went to see Shark Tale. Joey and I were the only two in the theatre. It was wonderful. He thought it was so cool that he could be as loud as he wanted. He even got up and danced in the aisle during one of the songs. It was a memory I will have forever! I second Carol's note on Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for this holiday and EVERYDAY. And, at the top of my list is thanksgiving for all of you. You keep us grounded in faith and love. We feel your support and thank God for it everyday.

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