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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 21:25:58 10/11/04

I didn't have to tell Joey where we were headed this morning. When he woke up, he said, "This is my LAST picture day!" I said, "Yep-and then we can have the Bubble-rama!" On the way there he said, "I'm so cited! Now I can be like a normal boy!" I told him that he would never be normal because he is so special. We did the drive-thru thing on the way home as always, and then, we got into the day. The bath didn't happen until Gina came home from school. She helped me make monster bubbles and cheered Joey on for his big event. I was so happy for him. He played for an hour in that tub. He was a wrinkled prune when he got out, but I couldn't bear to cut it short. Of course, the entire time he hummed the 007 Theme as he played with a speed boat and some action figures. I washed him over and over---just because I could. Then, when he got out, I wrapped him up in a towel just like I did when he was a baby. He was so sweet---with so little hair, he looked just like my six month old "Joey Boy". After drying him off, I couldn't resist rubbing baby lotion all over him. He smells SSOOOO GOOD! Life is SSOOO GOOD! God is SSOOO GOOD! We have a clinic visit tomorrow. I hope to nail down when we will scan him next in addition to how long he might be immune suppressed. I've had a taste of normal today, and I want to get on with it. Til then, I live each day thankful that he and Gina are in my world. And, I remain grateful to all of you for keeping us in your prayers. Til tomorrow...love to all.

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