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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 22:11:30 06/11/04

Another day ends in the Tubo Household. Gina and Joey are asleep, and I am on my nightly ritual of updates both to you and from other neuroblastoma parents. As I sit here, I feel so blessed. I follow quite a few other sites of kids suffering this dreaded disease. And, as of this moment, Joey is, as far as I can tell, the most fortunate one. It is hard for me to read about all of these other families, but I have found my best information has come from other parents. Things I read prompt questions I later ask. So, I muddle on with hope that my story remains positive. Today, it certainly is. We had another "normal" day. Gina went to a birthday party for her friend Amanda. I understood it was quite fancy-a tea party at the Akron City Women's Club. She was then supposed to spend the night with cousin Dana, but Jack got sick and that soon ended. Meanwhile, Joey and I hung out at home. We did a variety of things like art, playdough, and video games. Then, on the way back from picking up Gina, we did our version of going out to eat--the drive-thru. I still cannot take him into crowds, so the drive-thru is as crazy as we can get. At least I can be sure he is getting enough calories with this habit. Unfortunately, so am I. Jeff continues on his quest for big game this weekend. And, still no sign of Stuart Little since his alleged exit out our front door. I sit here scrounging for a meaningful update. And, as I do that, I realize how wonderful it is that I don't have much to report. Please continue your prayers for us. I am a believer that they are working. Please also remember all the children dealing with this disease tonight. They are the true heroes who teach us what is really important in life. I love you all. Til next time....

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