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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 16:46:13 04/11/04

You know-there are those moments when you are reminded that your child is just that-a child. Joey has been so strong in all of this, I sometimes forget he is 4. He was mouthing off a bit in the car today on our second trip to Akron. I told him that I was thankful to God that he was doing so well and that we need to continue to pray to him. He said, "God isn't fixing me-the doctors are." I tried to explain to him that God gives the doctors the wisdom. He was arguing with me because after all, he knows everything now that he is 4! I told him that God hears us-whether we are good or bad. But, it was not until I mentioned that SANTA is also listening that he straightened up. Priorities! What do we parents do the rest of the year when we can't pull out the Santa card? Anyway, Joey did very well at both of his appointments today. AND, the amazing report is that he STILL did not need a transfusion. His platelet count rose on its own this week from 21000 on Monday to 34000 today! He is FINALLY making his own marrow! I am so thankful and overjoyed at this report. Also, he did have some labs drawn from his hand today to recheck his endocrine levels. We will know more in 2 weeks on that. In addition, he had a flu shot. So, he was stuck a few times today, but he did very well. He screamed before each poke, but not after. I am hopeful that the initial anxiety of this first visit since we lost his line is past now. I feel so much more at ease without a line in his chest. We have 4 more radiation treatments and then, I have promised him a BubbleMania in the bath. He said, "I'm so cited!" Me too. This sponge bath thing is getting old. On the homefront, the only thing that Jeff has trapped so far is his finger! I heard the mousetrap snap tonight and then a scream! The good part is that we haven't seen Stuart Little since last week. I believe that he has packed his little mouse bag and left on his own accord. The other night while we were helping the photographer load up her equipment, I saw a little brown mouse run away from my house across the front walk. That front door was open, so even though I didn't see him leave the house, I feel that this was the same one. At least, that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

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