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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 21:51:24 02/11/04

OK-Fans. The Bond pictures are here. Thanks to my wonderful cousin Mike for posting them--as always, it looks really cool! We had another good day today. Joey is 1/2 way through the radiation and handling it very well. I can't get over how well he looks. It always blows my mind. He had a fun day of playing today following his treatment. Grandma Bonnie came over for several hours and I was able to visit my work buddies for the first time since I left in July. It was great to see everyone. I miss you all. When I returned, it was time for Bond to get dressed in his tux for a photo op. I had a photographer come to the house and take pictures of Gina and Joey. I never was able to get him out for a 4 year old shot, so this worked out perfectly. The problem was getting him to smile in the tuxedo. He has the need to look cool or sneaky when in his spy suit! It is so hilarious how real this is to him. Today on the way home he said, "Mommy, I wish Daddy wasn't a Daddy when he grew up. I wish he was a REAL spy. Then, we wouldn't have to play pretend spy missions, we could kick some serious butt for real!" If anyone can, Joey can. (Jeff-well I'm not so sure!) Enjoy the photos of our secret agent. I'm off to watch the election. Gina fell asleep in front of the polls. She is rooting for George W. She said she voted for him at school. When I asked her why, she said, "I like his face." Ah! If we could all see the world and its decisions through a child's eyes! How simple all would be......

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