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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 22:49:24 31/10/04

This had to be the HAPPIEST Halloween we have ever had. It was a great night for spy missions. And, Bond was in his glory. He couldn't wait to be a real spy tonight. Earlier in the day he said to me, "Mommy, can girls be spies too?" I told him of course. Then, I heard him say, "Gina, do you want to be a spy too when you grow up? You can-it's really cool, ya know. You get to go on missions with really cool gadgets and stuff!" I can just see his mind working--he can really visualize life as a spy. Well, I had a vision for him for tonight, and Jeff made it happen. I'm not sure I can describe it well, but I'll try. We were given a Little Tykes jogger/bike wagon from a friend of Jeff's. It is a 2-person cart that can be pushed or attached to the back of a bike. Well, Jeff was able to turn it in to a Bond vehicle this evening. He spray painted 2 pieces of cardboard black and used foil for the windows. Then, he attached it to the sides of the wagon and put 007 on each side. On the roof, we strapped our boom box to play the Bond theme. So, we strolled around the neighborhood with the theme playing and Bond riding in style. He took his special machine gun that Uncle Tony made him as well. That combined with the tuxedo was a picture I will never forget. It was quite the sight. I think he really believed he had a mission tonight. The dark made it real for him. When we would come upon a house, he would have me stop and he would get out of the Bond-mobile and sneak up along the bushes to the house. Then, as he got back in, he would give the thumbs up, and we were on our way-theme song and all. Jeff and I had as much fun as he did. My gorgeous Gina, affectionately known as "Witcheypoo" (for many reasons) led the way with cousins Ben, Nick and Lizzie. Bond did the entire large block in our neighborhood before it was time for a martini. The bigger kids kept going for a few more treats. It was a beautiful night. I am so thankful that Joey could have some normal kid fun! The neighbors were so kind. Some even took his picture as we went around. I know he won't forget this night. He said to me, "I'm sad trick-or-treating is over." Me too, Joey, but we have many more years....

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