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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 22:45:17 28/10/04

Well, there is one thing I now know--you never know what you will wake up to in the Tubo household. It's just a wait-and-see thing each day. Today was no exception. I get up in the dark each morning to get Gina off to school. At her young age of 6, she catches the bus at 7:20 in the morning. So, this morning, I am walking from the kitchen to the bathroom and I am greeted by a mouse! EEEKKKK! The bold little bas***d ran right in front of me down the basement stairs and then just stared at me like, "Hey, whatta you lookin at?" I am totally freaked by this time and telling Gina to get Jeff! He was just laughing at me. We get one every Fall, I just have never actually stared one down before. I think this is God's little way of keeping Jeff happy this Fall. By this time, he has usually been in the woods quite a few times for hunting. Now, he can trap in the comfort of his own home! This is over and above the joy he gets from seeing me behave like a frantic maniac! I'm just not sure how Stuart Little is going to look mounted next to his buck! We'll see. So much for keeping my house free of bacteria for my immune-suppressed secret agent. Joey thinks it is cool that we are trying to catch Jerry. He loves Tom and Jerry. I'm not sure he is fully aware that we are really trying to asassinate Jerry. On the medical news, Joey had his 3rd radiation treatment today. He continues to do well. Following that, we went to the clinic for a check of his blood counts. He is holding his ANC level at 800. This is a true number as we have not been giving him the nightly dose of Neupogen, a drug that boosts his white cells. His platelets did drop again, and he will most likely need that transfusion on Monday. Til then, he should be ok. Today when we returned home from the doctor visits, Joey received a piece of mail from the Brittish Secret Service (aka Dick Morgan). It was a 2 CD set of the Bond themes. He went CRAZY! I took video of him doing his Bond moves all over the living room to the music. He would punch the air with his best secret agent face and then pause for a moment to say, "The name's Bond, James Bond, or, I'll have a martini, shaken, not stirred." His whole demeanor changes--it is really a riot. I just wonder how he THINKS he looks doing all of these moves. Someday, I'll show him how adorable he was at 4. Today, on the way home from the visits he asked me, "Mommy, can I play video games when I die?" He truly just hits me with this stuff out of the blue--and ALWAYS when we are driving. So, while trying to keep the car on the road I told him that Heaven is paradise and that, maybe it was just filled with every video game ever made or imagined! He said, "That would be so cool!" One man's paradise....anyway, he keeps me on my toes with these questions. And, you all keep me going with your kind words. Thanks to all of you. YOU are the incredible ones.

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