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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 22:08:32 30/01/05

Sorry to all the faithful...our computer was down for the past few days...not that I would have had much time to update before now anyway. We've been busy since the last update. Thursday's clinic visit went off without a hitch. Joey's counts are still good, but they have yet to sky-rocket as I would like. Still, Dr. Patton said that we could get him out and about a bit more than we have been. So, I told Joey that on Friday, I was going to take him to a restaurant. What happened next broke my heart. He had the biggest round eyes and spoke in a magical whisper when he said, "You mean I get to go INSIDE?" The poor guy, you would have thought I was taking him to Disney World, he was so excited. We have been driving through for so long to avoid fast food germs, he just couldn't believe it. So, on Friday, we went to lunch at Arabica with Grandma and Grandpa Crawford, Aunt Lisa and Lizzie. We waited until 1:30 when most of the crowd was gone. And we stayed until almost 3:00. Joey drank in the whole experience. He even tried the mocha of the day in his own little cup. He had the time of his life. And, we all were so happy for him. I understand that at bedtime prayers, Lizzie (who is Joey's 4 year old cousin for those who may not know)asked God to "please not bring Joey's cancer back so he wouldn't have to go through the drive-through again." I think she even realized what a big deal it was for him to actually go INSIDE a public place. After such a big day, you would assume we all slept soundly, well, all but me. Gina woke me up at 2 am with ear pain. As tired as I was, I was so thankful I could help her. I gave her Motrin and stroked her hair for about 30 minutes until she could go back to sleep. It filled my heart to take care of her for once. Turns out, she does have an ear infection. A round of antibiotics, and she'll be good to go. This is equally satisfying for me. A quick fix, amazing. On Saturday, I managed to paint and border my laundry room. There is something so cleansing about a fresh coat of paint. I find such joy in doing the normal things these days. Even in this mundane task, I am able to see symbolism. Covering all the old marks and dirt with fresh, crisp paint, really does a lot for your psyche. I figure I spend about 40% of my home life in this room, so it might as well make me feel good. The weekend was rounded out with a trip to church. They were dedicating a new statue of the Blessed Mother this weekend, and we all went. I looked down the pew at Joey during the entrance hymn, and it was all I could do to make a sound. There were plenty of days when I just couldn't envision all of us in church again. The vision of today just overwhelmed me. I felt pure joy to be there as a family. But all the while, my joy was overshadowed by thoughts of another little boy named Ridge, who lost his battle with this awful disease this past week. His mother reached out to me in the hospital when I was first going through this nightmare. She gave me hope for a better day. Now I have them, and she does not. Please remember Ridge Miller and his family in your prayers. Also, please remember another little girl whom I recently heard of named Lexi Poodle. She recently relapsed and her family could use the support of our great prayer network. As we live our lives, every day, another child is diagnosed, or admitted. And, every day that mine is with me, I am in awe of God's miracle.

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