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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 20:50:01 24/01/05

A moment of silence please....we have lost another fish. In a small service, we said goodbye to our good friend, Smoke. Of course, Joey wasn't too broken up about it. He thought it was hilarious that I flushed him down the commode! What is it about potty humor at this age? All I have to do is say, "Poopie," at any given moment, and Joey will crack up. It comes in quite handy in those "adrenal moments" when he is screaming about one thing or another. All in all, he is pretty even tempered. But, at times, the slightest thing will send him into a tail spin. Of course, it could just be the age...we've all seen it. The weekend was great. Joey and Gina got out in the snow a little bit. On Saturday, Gina spent the night at Grandma Bonnie's with cousin Mitchell. And, on Sunday, we all went to Aunt Lisa's to watch our beloved Steelers go down in defeat. For me, it was ok, because we were all together. That seems to be the only thing I get really passionate about anymore, the family time. A football game seems so insignificant. Joey continues to run all over the place. When I see that, I don't care about much else. Today, he hung out at Aunt Lori's again with his partners in crime, twin cousins, Matthew and Michael. I worked and was greeted by the three of them in the front window firing their toy weapons at me. I fired back some snow back at them. They were laughing and firing back at me, having the time of their lives! It was quite a picture, one I'll not soon forget. We go back to clinic on Thursday after a 2 week break. Joey finished this round of Accutane with no trouble. He'll be off for two weeks now before the next cycle. We're just livin life and it feels great.

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