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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 14:00:22 26/10/04

No-you didn't all miss 10 updates. We had a little trouble with the website, but Mikey fixed it for us. He had to locate my updates and make them part of the new BLOG. All old ones are in the archive section, but when he created the new blog, he started my updates with #120. Today has been a full day already. I got up extra early to get ready before getting Gina off to school. Then, I had to go to mass at 8:30 at St. Paul's. It was a great way to start the day given all that is ahead of us. Gina had the first reading in front of grades 1-3. She was adorable and did a really great job. I can see why they put her out there first. When it was time for the readings, the other kids did not follow her out to the aisle. I heard her say "Come on Jimmy" (in her personally annoyed tone) while giving the next student a swift waive of her arm. The mass was saved and all went well after that. I had to duck out early then and get Joey to Akron General by 9:40 for his first radiation. On the way there, Joey was eating a pop tart. He ate away enough to make it into the shape of a James Bond gun and then proceeded to shoot the bad guys out of our fierce minivan. I work the controls on the way (like the coin slots or the cruise control buttons) to fire torpedoes and oil slicks. We are quite the team. Joey asked me yesterday in the car, "Mommy, do you think God is laughing at me?" I thought that was so cute. God certainly sent us a great team today for this next phase of treatment. One of the techs is a HUGE Spiderman fan. In fact, he has over 4000 of them at his house. He has invited Joey to check it out after his treatments. Today was about one hour long. Only about one minute of that was actually radiation. The rest was films and planning to line him up correctly. Joey cooperated the ENTIRE time by being extremely still and patient. Now that the setup has been completed, we should only be there around 10 minutes for treatments. I am running out of adjectives to describe my son. The team at the hospital were certainly in disbelief at how cooperative he was. They repeatedly told me of the many older kids/adults who could not be as still as Joey. In fact, most kids his age must be sedated for this. I am so thankful he does not require that since he no longer has a catheter line. Sedation would require sticking him each day for that reason. We will have radiation for the next 11 weekdays. After that, Joey will be on an oral med, Accutane, for 6 months. They will of course continue to monitor his blood counts and scan him when necessary. Right now, all looks good. I am so thankful to God each day I have with my family. Each day is a true gift.

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