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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 23:10:34 06/01/05

Hello and Happy New Year to all of you, too. We can all look forward to a fresh start, huh? Unfortunately, a bit of 2004 still remains around here. Joey took my "Christmas in Every Day" message to heart, and he refuses to let me take the tree down. He said, "Mommy, how can you take it down? It is so BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL! I wish Christmas could be EVERY day!" My friend Rhonda suggested I put hearts, then shamrocks, then Easter eggs, etc. on it. It could work. For now, I am in strong negotiations with Joey. I have enjoyed it....but, I am ready to put it away! Maybe tomorrow...we'll see. As for this week, I did return to work. It actually felt good to get dressed in work clothes, engage in adult conversations, and use my brain for something other than Playstation and Cartoon Network. I know my work buddies are thinking, "Man, she really did have it bad!" about now. But, it was good to see everyone there and get back to some bit of what normal used to be. Joey did very well with family watching him this week. It is our temporary solution until he can return to daycare. We did see our doctor today. She is pleased with his progress. The ANC is up to 1900. I am just happy it is climbing again. She feels he may be ready to mix into the public after 6 months which puts us at the end of February. Til then, he is happy to hang with his cousins and grandparents. And, I am so lucky to have such wonderful supportive family. It does take a village to beat cancer. And, we certainly have a village, don't we? Tonight, I was getting Gina's bag ready for school tomorrow. St. Paul's is having an out of uniform day to benefit the tsunami victims. Each student must pay $2.00 to wear jeans tomorrow with the money going to the victims. It about killed Gina when I told her she needed to contribute half of the money from her bank. Then, I asked Joey if he wanted to donate any. So, we went to his bank and he said, "Yeah! Are the army dudes taking it there? (I said yes) Then, here give it all to them. Those army dudes are the best!" After witnessing this, Gina decided to give additional money from her bank too. I was proud of both of them. Joey continues to teach us all the rewards of a generous heart. And, I thank all of you who remind us of that each day with your prayers, posts, gifts, and donations. Your kindness and faith truly make sense of this mess for me. You'll never know how much...thank you all.

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