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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 22:46:16 01/01/05

It certainly was a great New Year's Celebration for us! It's funny to me to look back at all of our past New Year's Celebrations. They all seemed so significant, at the time. I can remember all night skates with my sister, midnight toasts of Koolaid, glitzy hotel parties, Holidome adventures, and rock and bowl! We've been involved in some pretty elaborate schemes, and yet, like most everything else this year, this New Year's had so much more meaning. We didn't have huge plans. We spent it at my sister's house with her family, Mom and Bob, and the Lollas. We ate our last sinful calories for 2004 right before the resolutions began. We sucked down some Pina Coladas and played family games. Some of us made it to midnight, and others did not. Joey, of course, was one of us who made it. We came up with a motto, "Close the Door on 2004!" By 11:50, the house was a buzz to watch the ball drop. When Joey found out it was almost the New Year, he said, "OK everybody, it's time for the Martinis!!!" Uncle Tony got out his shaker and used it to pour rootbeer for all into these fancy stemmed shot glasses. Joey passed each one out. At midnight, I received my most memorable kiss from my own little James Bond. He had the sweetest grin while clinking everyone's glass and saying Happy New Year. Shortly therafter, we made the short trek home to officially leave 2004 behind and wake up to a fresh start. This morning, I went into Joey's room as I always do to give him his 7:30 meds. Joey and I have a system. He downs his pills, and then, I climb in next to him until he is ready to get up. This frees up my room for Jeff to get ready for work. I have enjoyed this rare snuggle time with my little man who seems to always be in motion during the day. It was especially great today. When he opened his eyes, he said, "Happy New Year Mom!" Then, he sat on his bed and looked out his window at the sunshine. He couldn't have been more cute when he said, "Mommy, it really LOOKS like a Happy New Year out there!" I just smiled at him and thought, as long as you're in it Joe, it is...

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