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Posted by Gradma Mary Ann ( on 12:14:48 30/12/04

In Reply to: Update 153 posted by Laura Tubo

Greatjob Laura! I am so proud of you, Jeff and Gina considering the very rough year it has been. Your writing has inspired us all as we keep praying for a cure. I love you all, Mom

: I guess it has been more than a week since my last update. I apologize profusely to my loyal Bloggers. It was a busy, wonderful, normal holiday. We were just enjoying Christmas in every day...and, the time got away from me. I was surprisingly ready for the holiday a few days prior to Christmas Eve. So, on Christmas Eve, we just hung out at home until the night began. Joey woke up and said, "Mommy, I think I'm just going to sleep today until naptime, ok?" I don't think he could stand to wait even one more day for Christmas Morning. But, he did eventually get up. Gina went to Grandma Bonnie's for the day, and Joey and I spent the day in Christmas activities. We baked chocolate chip cookies, wrapped some gifts, etc. It was wonderful. Around 5 o'clock, Jeff and Joey got ready to go to the Tubo's for their annual party, and Gina and I went to church for the children's mass. Gina was in the choir. It was all I could do to sing "Joy to the World" with her. It had so much meaning for me. Beyond the obvious, it is the one time of year that she allows me to put her in a velvet dress. She has left the princess years. In fact, some of her favorite Christmas gifts were a soccer ball, pogo stick, Cavaliers sweatshirt and NBA Live, 2005! Following the children's mass, Gina and I joined the rest of the family at the Tubo's until I had to return for "midnight mass". I quote it because it was at 10 o'clock. It was a beautiful service with much of our family participating. I sang in the choir, Grandma Mary Ann read the readings, and Aunt Lisa was a Eucharistic Minister. It had so much meaning for all of us. And, even though Joey couldn't be there with us physically, he was certainly with us. After a full evening, Christmas Morning came early. Gina was up first and begged me to wake up Joey. So, we did. He couldn't believe his gifts. Some favorites were his James Bond Action Figures, James Bond Boxed Movie Sets, Spider-Man Stunt City, his Ninja Turtle Sewer Lair, and a train under his tree. He was so cute when he saw the plate of cookie crumbs. He said, "Can you believe it? Santa IS real! Look! Mom, did you eat the cookies? No. Dad? No. Me? No. Gina? No. So, Santa MUST be real!" Gina had her own take on the day. She found a tag on her snow board. (Ooops!) She said, "Mom, I'm on to something about Santa. There is a tag on my snow board. They don't have tags at the North Pole. So, I've figured out that the elves are NOT real, but Santa IS!" The day after, we were all tired...just like the rest of you...all of us except for Joey, that is. We went sledding at Grandma and Grandpa Crawford's house. Joey had a blast. It was quite the set up with Grandpa driving up to the bottom of the hill with the hot chocolate express. All of his cousins were there, excluding Lizzie who did sleep some of the day away. They were all so happy for Joey. They were all so gracious giving him turns on the sleds, getting into the car for hot chocolate with him, pulling him up the hill on sleds. For as young as they all are, they are really amazing in how they treat him. It is truly wonderful. So with all this rambling, I will quote Joey, he said to me, "Mommy, this is the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!" I agree Joey, I agree. And, we certainly are looking forward to a better 2005. In clinic yesterday, Joey's counts were good. He is holding his own. His second round of Accutane is behind us without complication. Four more rounds to go....then what? We'll just keep trying to take one day at a time, and thank God for the blessings in each day. Love to all and Happy New Year!

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