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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 10:13:23 17/12/04

It amazes me with all this new found awareness of the gifts in my life, my children can still teach me things each day. We should all be like a child....they see things we don't. It was Gina who reminded me once again that this week is "JOY". She said, "Mom, this IS the Joy week. That's what the pink candle stands for." She's right, isn't she? But, it just didn't occur to me until she pointed it out. In fact, when I look back on our liturgical year, I find our life has coincided with much of our church's calendar. We were certainly dying during Lent when this all began. Easter brought some peace and new life through all of the faithful friends who supported us. In the recent past, we have been trying to get on with some ordinary time. And now, we certainly have JOY this week waiting for Christmas and the rebirth of our son. So many of the big milestones in our lives are lost on inattention. How many of us cannot remember the majority of our wedding day, the first few weeks of our children's lives, or in Jeff's case, what we had for breakfast? (Sorry, I couldn't resist) Anyway, I want you all to know that I am noticing each gift you have given us this past year in prayer, love and support. It certainly has brought us through. Yesterday, on the way home from our weekly clinic appt, Joey was noticing once again that the snow was melting in spots. He became upset and said, "Mommy, the snow is going away! How can we have Christmas?" I said, "Joey, Christmas isn't in the snow, it is giving to others, loving others, it is when Jesus was born." He said, "OH, I GET IT, Mommy, Christmas is JOY!" I couldn't have said it better myself. I said, "Yes Joey, Christmas IS Joy!"

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