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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 22:05:46 08/12/04

Joey and I had a full day at the hospital. And, one of us is tired! Can you guess which one? My Energizer Bunny is still pumped up at 9:50 pm. He just found out Teen Titans is coming on again--Darn those Cartoon Network people! It's my fault for having the TV on, but Joey is eating his 4th dinner as we speak. He deserves it! He had to wait quite awhile for a real meal today. In short, they looked at every inch of him today. He had CT scans of his head, pelvis and abdomen, 2 chest x-rays, a full body MIBG bone scan, EKG, Echocardiogram, and blood work. On the way home, he asked for 6 tacos. I used my negotiating skills and we settled on 4. He actually ate 2 at once. But, we are now eating the reheated 4th one. He gained 5 lbs since our recent hospital stay. As I said, he has been eating nonstop. I think it is due to 2 things: increased steroids and a little catch-up from last week. Whatever the reason, I am glad to see him on the upswing. Today around 2:30 when we were waiting for the CT scans he said to me, "Mommy, I am SO starving, but I can wait." What a champ, huh? He really puts me in my place. At that moment, I was thinking that I hadn't eaten lunch either. My hunger disappeared miraculously after Joey said that. He does that for me--gives me the stamina I need whenever I am feeling a little short on strength. God's grace just comes right out of his mouth. Tomorrow, we complete the MIBG bone scan. It will be around one hour of scans. I am sure my superhero will teach me a thing or two tomorrow as well. I have to go now, Joey is calling me to dance around the living room to the Teen Titan's Song. I could use some of that strength right now. We shouldn't find out the testing results until early next week. I will be in touch. Have a great weekend all.

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