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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 18:41:53 04/12/04

Joey woke up yesterday and said, "I feel SO MUCH GOOD today!" Yeah! He looks good too. It gives me pure joy to see him being his silly self. We had a few Bond missions on the way to and from the clinic. I drove the spy van, and he shot bad guys out his tinted window while the theme song played. We are quite the team. He checked out well at the clinic. His calcium is completely normal. We do not have to return until next Wednesday for 2 days of scans. I have some anxiety over this, but not much. I feel he is healed. Still, I have a weak side that just needs it confirmed. I pray that I can just let go of the struggle, and accept God's will in this. On a positve note, Joey checked out totally fine at the dentist as well. I was sure that he would need major work as we were not permitted to brush his teeth for 2 months following the transplant. This was due to the risk of mobilizing bacteria and his low platelet count. But, my fears were relieved when I heard he was ok! He said, "I like the dentist--it's fun!" How wonderful that he can visit a doctor without being hurt! Gina and I were clear of cavities as well, by the way! Shiny Teeth Award for all the Tubos--except Jeff, of course! For the next few days, we plan on chilling a bit. Gina starts basketball in the morning. And, MAYBE we'll get that tree up. Still haven't done that. Oh well, we'll work this holiday in somehow! We're all about celebrating--we just need more time! I know, all of you do too. Thanks for working us into your schedule as always. Love to all of you.

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