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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 19:15:04 25/10/04

Well, Bond was feeling well today. He yawned quite a bit, but when asked if he was tired, he would make a crazy face at me and say, "Does this look tired?" Why don't kids get it? Napping is one of God's greatest gifts! We smart adults don't require an excuse like a little cancer to snuggle in!! I wanted nothing more than to catch a few ZZZ's with him today. The thought of snuggling up to him just seemed so wonderful. But, James wouldn't hear of it, so we spent the day being quite busy. (I need to remind him that bed is EXACTLY where James usually ends up at the end of a tough mission.) As for today's activities, I didn't dare put anything in the crockpot. That is all too permanent for us. We have to be ready to pack at a moment's notice. So, instead, we played games and did some "schoolwork". I put Joey at a table in the kitchen with some art projects. He had the sweetest grin when I told him it was schoolwork. He was supposed to start preschool this Fall, but for obvious reasons, he could not. I hope to be able to send him for the Spring session if his immunities are recovered. But, the blessing of the Summer birthday is that I can hold him off another year for school. Speaking of that, I was able to pick up Gina today from her school once Jeff finished work. She was happy to see me for a change. She is doing very well. In fact, she was asked to read a reading at the school mass on Tuesday. I am so proud of her. She is working so hard at her speaking. I plan on getting someone to sit with Joey while I go to mass next Tuesday morning to support her. A little extra church certainly never hurt this family. I went back to choir practice this evening. It always makes me feel better to be there with what I call my "prayer posse". I was having a little bit of a gray day yesterday. Getting home is always a relief and a scare at the same time. And, yesterday, I learned that a child I have been following since this all began relapsed this week. Please add an extra prayer for Sydney Dungan when you think of Joey. Her father is a champion for neuroblastoma research. He founded the Lunch for Life Campaign to raise money, and he is a special man. My mom and sister met him at the Chicago Conference this past Summer. I am addicted to his website. He has put so much information on it that has helped me through. (WWW.Sydneydungan.com)His nightmare is my worst fear. I pray for faith that this fear leaves my heart and is replaced with assurance that Joey will be forever healed. Tonight at prayers he said, "Maybe God can give me platelets--really GOOD platelets." If anyone deserves them, it is my little soldier. Last year at this time, we were headed to Disney World. Wow! "It's time to remember the magic." It is certainly time to remember the gift of family-the gift of Joey-the gift of my supportive friends like all of you. I love you all.

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