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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 22:21:12 27/11/04

Well, let's just say our week was full of ups and downs. On Wednesday, Joey woke up to feeling rotten again. He spent the day vomiting and sleeping. We were able to get his meds into him, but primarily, we were just trying to keep him hydrated. We consulted our doctor, and their advice was to keep pushing the fluids and try some anti-nausea medication prior to the other meds. They did believe that the Accutane was causing his issues since he had no other symptoms. So, we stabilized him somewhat and then, Gina and I went out briefly in the evening for haircuts. We also went to the pet store for some advice on starting a fish tank. (I had promised it to her for her birthday, and the pet store was right by the hair shop.) When we returned, Joey had a fever. It was around 9:00 pm, and I am ashamed to say, I spent around an hour in a pity party as I packed for the hospital just in case. I just couldn't grasp the thought of hospital turkey! Actually, what really was getting me was the thought of spending the holiday divided once again. So, I packed just in case, but I prayed just because. I spent the night on Joey's floor waking him and giving him drinks. He never reached the magic 101 degrees, so we somehow managed to stay out of the hospital. I am certain it was the rosaries that I said along with my family and friends. In the end, the prayers are the medicine. And, I was so thankful for a really relaxed holiday at my mom's. The turkey was amazing. I know it tasted better just because we were all together. We ended the evening watching Elf--love it! Funny how tears can become laughter in less than a day! I find that's how it can be in this world we are in. Yesterday, it was definitely laughter when I went on a slumber party with my 3 grade school friends. We shopped til we dropped and then, giggled into the night. One of us snores, by the way, but I won't share it with the world wide web---YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I love these girls so much, and I thank all of them for giving me some time away from my reality. Of course, the 24 hour rule was in effect, and once again, I was in tears this morning. I lost my keys in the parking garage at the hotel, and they remain lost. What a fiasco! Fortunately, Jeff found his extra set that he had lost and could retrieve the vehicle later in the day! Scary, isn't it? I'm acting more like him each day! I better put Gina in charge before it all gets really out of hand. By the time I made it home, Joey was officially MISSING ME and I spent the remainder of the day hanging with him and Gina. Tonight, my sister and I took all the kids to Alliance for a lights display. It was a nice little loop. The kids really enjoyed it. It was a great activity that Joey could do without mixing with the public. I asked him what he thought about the lights and he said, "They're SWWEET!!" He's still going by the way, and I must go too now to put him in bed. Can't wait for tonight's prayers. The other night he said, "God, do you have hair?" Where do we go from there? I'll keep you posted. Two more days on Accutane before we get a 14 day break. Hallelujah! Love you all.

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