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Happy New Year

Well-at last entry, we were wrapping up a Summer of Fun. I cannot believe that now, on Christmas Eve, I am wrapping up Christmas gifts. Each year that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I celebrate another year following the birth of my son. Joey has taught me to be grateful for each day. Recently, he said to me, "Mom, I don't care if I die. God kept me on this Earth for a couple more years, and I am happy He did that." Well, that makes two of us, my wonderful son. God blessed me with 2 wonderful children. My children remain the only gift I need this holiday.

It is now New Years Eve and Christmas was the usual flurry of cookies, visits, MORE cookies, batteries, even MORE cookies, and this year, FIGHTS! I know this BLOG is supposed to uplift all who read it, but perhaps, reading that the Tubo Family is normal AND healthy will uplift someone. Gina and Joey are typical siblings who are cooped up, bored, and in my opinion, ready to go back to school. Recently, my cousin reminded me that she reads my Christmas of 2004 message each year. I believe it spoke to the gift in each day. And, lately, I have had to refer to it as well. The truth is that I began this entry prior to Christmas, and I have been unable to finish it. I think Santa should have brought a whistle to my house along with a black and white uniform. A referee is definitely needed. OH! We have one of those in this house. Unfortunately, Christmas also coincides with hunting season, so the resident referee has taken up residence in a tree!   (Beats the dog house, I guess.)

Still, this past week is not unlike others we have had. It just has inspired me to establish my 2009 resolutions. I am, of course, aimed at the annual diet, organization, and debt reduction ideas for 2009. But, I want to focus on what is important as well. How can I be a better parent, volunteer, or person? Just when I am unsure that I am achieving in any of these areas, Joey makes me feel better. He says something that makes me think, "I guess I am doing something right!"

Last week, his words put all my recent LITTLE trials in perspective. He said that he remembers having FUN at the hospital. He said, "Mommy, it was fun when we were there, wasn't it? I mean not all the 'cancer stuff', but WE had fun, didn't we?" This reminded me that all of our struggles do bring gifts. We had time together without outside distractions. We received many gifts of time, food, donations, and prayers. We relied on each other for love, support and entertainment. I still treasure those moments for those reasons.

At home now, Joey and I have developed a habit of sitting by each other with a book in the evening. We call it "Mommy-Joey reading time" (catchy title, huh?). The other night, Joey said, "Mommy, I like my gifts and stuff, but this time with you is all the present I need!" Yeah, he still knows how to melt and work my heart. The word PRESENT is purposeful, isn't it? Being able to enjoy the GIFT of the PRESENT is all some children have this year. A friend of mine told me of a 4 year old boy diagnosed with leukemia on Christmas Eve. Mindful of what he and his family are facing, I can find no issue with my life.

So, with all life's interruptions and setbacks, I resolve to seek out the gift of the present. I had no choice but to do this some time ago. Now, I must chose to return to that way of thinking.  I wish all of you a HAPPY and HEALTH-FULL New Year. Seek out the gift of the present. Realize that the present is a gift.

Love Love Love,   Laura




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