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    The Summer of 2008 will forever be the Summer I spent with my children. When my job ended on March 31st, I saw a door close on 16 years of service. But, the window sure did open on 3 months of Summer fun with Gina and Joey. I will NEVER forget the wonderful times we had. My children are a precious gift from God. And, I treasure ALL of my time with them....well, maybe not the fights in the car....but, ALL of the OTHER times.

It seemed like I was home alone for such a short time. I had BIG plans to organize and revitalize. But, before I knew it, school was out. We went right into the Relay for Life after that. Joey's Superheroes raised $8500 this year. And, the Relay was extra special because Joey was an honored survivor. He cut the ribbon to start the walk. He chose the songs for the survivor lap (Walkin' on Sunshine and Move Along). AND, he gave a speech during the luminaria ceremony. The end of his speech said simply, "Love your Life!" And, he sure does.

From there, we just lived how we all should...day by day. Only, this Summer, we CHOSE to do that. I remember a Summer when we were forced to live one day at a time. Funny how neat that can be when you choose it. We spent time at the pool, did a zoo trip, took in a movie, stopped for ice cream, just anything that we felt like doing. My house is NOT organized or revitalized, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I will never regain Joey's 8 year old Summer. I can sort out the drawers some other day!

This past week, Joey learned of a new love...his love of the sea. We visited Grandpa Gilbo in Florida, and Joey now goes by "Jacques Tubo". He scoured the sea for all he could find with a snorkel and net. He is becoming quite an explorer. He is growing up. Even he is noticing that. In fact, one day at the pool, he had a revelation. He said, "OH MY GOSH! It has FINALLY happened. Look Mom! I have square man-boobs!" Now, I assure you, his chest looks just as it should. No need for a medical consult. But, Joey is somehow seeing himself as a body builder! He has filled out, but we are not calling the Olympic committee just yet!

In short, my little guy is growing up. So many people ask if I am sad to see him develop into a big guy. That is when I remind those people that growing up is the goal with him. Still, I treasure all the moments of his young life. And, I feel regret that I did not keep a better BLOG this Summer. This website has chronicled so much of the good, bad and ugly in our life thus far. And, I realize that Joey's journey has not only shaped my view on life, but it has also provided hope to others. I hope all who catch this latest entry are enjoying their day-by-day existence. Choosing to view the present as just that--a gift--can be so amazing! I am uncertain of our future, but I do know that no matter where life takes me, I will always have the Summer of 2008!

Love Love Love,   Laura




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