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     I bet you all thought that I would begin this update with one of my heartfelt apologies for my lack of prose. Well, my lack of posting and unusual beginnings are all part of my evil plan to keep you all guessing. So, what has been going on in the Tubo House? Even though it has been 3 months (almost 4) since my last posting, I have become acutely aware that the recent past is but a snap shot of our life.
Time is flying by. And, we remain so thankful to have great pictures in our brag book!

I have begun to try to hold on to certain images to carry me through the day. One of my FAVORITE images is the one I see almost every morning. We live so close to school that I have gotten into the habit of spoiling my children with a morning ride to school.
My generosity stems from a purely selfish motive. You see, I let the kids off at the side of the school.
They must then walk the distance of the front walk to enter. This is what I love to see. Joey almost ALWAYS runs into school. I LOVE seeing his pigeon toes sprint into school toting his backpack. It puts a smile on my face each week day. I used to visualize such things while sitting next to him in the hospital.
I would imagine him in a cap and gown, graduating from high school. These positive images got me through. And, now, they fill each of my days.

Joey seems to be focused on image as well. He continues to question his origin and subsequently the cause of his "coolness". But I am proud to say, that in his quest for answers, he always starts at the top.

Recently, he had his twin cousins over, and he hit them with one of his "burning" questions. I have told this story one hundred times since, but I simply MUST record it for this record of our life. The 3 boys (all about the same age) were at the table eating. I heard Joey say, "Hey Guys! Did you ever wonder who MADE God?" It was then that this glorious mystery was finally solved. Michael said, "Da-huh! His MOM!"
The three boys all accepted this obviously right conclusion and continued eating. If only I had thought of that....I think I will consult Michael next time Joey asks me one of his burning questions!

Of course, it is obvious to Joey from whose image he was created! He said to me, "Mom, if ALL the girls who like me right now lined up at our front door, the WHOLE neighborhood would be full of girls!" God help me. He also said that "as soon as I am OFFICIALLY allowed, I am going to get me a girlfriend." Aahh, Bond, you speak too soon! He said, "Mom, I have to find a girl while I am still young and still look good!" I said, "Joey, it doesn't matter what you look like!" He said, "I know, Mom, it matters what is in your heart!" And, then he gave me his infectious smile. I AM in trouble, because he is in my heart, and I don't want to ever let him go!

Together, we will continue to fill our album with pictures of hope and survival. This June, we will once again walk in the Relay for Life. Joey has been asked to cut the ribbon to start the survivor lap. He asked if he could RUN through it instead of cutting it. Talk about an image! If any of you would like to donate in support of Joey's team, please write me at lauratubo@yahoo.com and I will send you a link to do so.

As always, thanks for sharing in our life. You all make up a big part of our life's pictures. We are eternally grateful to have such a story of hope and love.

Til next time,



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