Hope Award, Halloween,
and into
Christmas 2007

{turn up your speakers for a little Christmas cheer! }

     Is anyone still out there? I realize I have completely abandoned all of you. I realize that no one SHOULD still be checking. But, just in case ANYONE is, I thought I'd write another installment in our life. At some point, this will be a record for Joey and Gina. I have never been great at baby books, videos or even pictures with any real regularity. So, I will write if not just for them.  Obviously, so much has happened since the last update.

I believe that children's' ages should be counted in dog years. It seems that before we reach adulthood, everything flies by times 7. I know that 2004 felt like 7 years, and since then, we've been packing in so much life, I think we should get credit for more than just 12 months each year, don't you?

So, what have we been up to? October brought a wonderful event in celebration of Joey. The Cattle Baron's Ball was really fun and such a special night for all of us. Joey was honored with The American Cancer Society's Hope Award. He said, "Mom, I feel like a Superstar! Everyone seems to know me!" He really was a star that night. He stood up in front of 400+ people and gave an acceptance speech all by himself. Again, he touched so many with his simple message of hope. I was never more proud of him. And, he looked adorable in his western gear...so adorable that the bidding went completely out of control on his artwork shown on this site. Thanks to one generous bidder (thanks Grandpa Bob), we now have his $3250.00 painting hanging in our home. Talk about PRICELESS!

In November, we returned to Disney. This time, we were among the common folk, standing the lines, and paying the price! Joey was just like Gina and fearless on every ride. I knew he'd be tall enough this year, I wasn't sure he'd be brave enough. But, he took on Expedition Everest, The Rockin Roller Coaster, and The Tower of Terror more than once! I noticed some families on wish trips while we were there, and I felt even more special to be in the normal lines with my normal healthy son. Of course, he always makes me feel special. One morning, we sort of eased into the day by hanging out at the hot tub before venturing off to the parks. Joey invited us all in to "feel the paradise". When I got in, he said, "Mommy, did you just get in this tub, because if feels HOT!" Believe me, this was just what I needed to hear, in my bathing suit, in Florida, with my WHITE NORTHERN LEGS! I love my son.

On to December....Joey's past "7" years have really shown in growth this year. Not only can he ride the big rides, he is so grown up in so many ways. This will be our first year that no one believes in Santa.

Joey knew all along, and I tried to stall him, but to no avail. At first, he was disappointed, then he said, "That's ok Mom, Christmas is still special because it celebrates Jesus' Birthday!" I thought, "Wow, how cool that he said that?" I thought that until I found him playing action figures with my manger scene. There is something really wrong when The Wise Men take down The Shepherd, you know? But, that's my Joey, he can find a way to play anywhere, anytime. He loves life and he loves to laugh. I have a picture I get out at the holiday that sums up Joey.

It is one of those that says, "Live, Love, Laugh".

Those three words sum up how he approaches each day.

I need to learn from him. We scan him again on December 5th and it has been heavy on my mind. I believe in his miracle, but my faith is always tested.

ALL I want for Christmas is 70 more 7 years with my son.

Please toss up a prayer for us next week and always.

And, thanks to anyone who still reads, still prays, and still thinks of us. We love you all and wish you a truly blessed Christmas.





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