Happy Birthday Joey!
7 Years Old

     Whew! Ball season is over. With 5 nephews, a niece, Gina and Joey playing this year, we really were on a ball field for a good portion of the past 2 months. In between games, we found other ways to keep busy.

Joey's Superheroes had another successful outing at this year's Relay for Life. Our team is at $9,300.00 and counting. Many of you supported our venture, and we are once again so thankful. All the effort was worth it to see Joey take yet another survivor lap. He remains one of 2 small yellow shirts at our Relay.  And, this year, he walked with Grandpa Gil to celebrate life. It was a special moment for me. A moment of hope, celebration and love.

Yesterday, we celebrated another moment in time. Joey turned 7. His birthday is always a special time for me. But, my mind doesn't go to his birth as most mothers may think. My mind goes to 2004. I can remember thinking, "If we can just get to his birthday, the chemo will be behind us." And, we did.

And, it is. And, now there are moments that we can breathe. But, there are moments that our breath is still taken away. It can happen in joy, in fear, in a comment, in so many ways. Joey sat in front of a candle yesterday. He was asked to make a wish. He said, "I wish that I don't have cancer." My heart goes to all the children making that wish.

So, we go on moment by moment. And, Joey continues to grow and thrive and celebrate. Last night, we had a dance party with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Jeff was playing tunes from the computer and Joey and Gina were hippin' and hoppin' all over the living room. Joey came down from his shower with what I would term a "comb over".

He said, "Mom, how do you like my new hairdo? I call it the Pierce Brosnan!" I LOVED IT! Such innocent, joyous moments. And, for each one in the future, I am humbled and grateful.

Love to all of you. Prayers for all who know the struggle, live with it, and still can celebrate the moments in life.




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