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Life lessons from Joey

     I guess another month has gone by. I'm not doing very well with my promise for monthly updates....funny how busy we can be outside of treatment. If you need me anytime soon, I will be on a ball field. Joey and Gina are both playing ball in addition to my 5 nephews and 1 niece whose games we occasionally fit into our schedule. I am mindful in all of the chaos that not too long ago, my schedule was just as crazy, just not by my own doing. So, we rejoice in the fact that we are still so NORMAL busy.

     Joey is loving playing ball. It does my heart so much good to see him getting dirty. And, MAN, does he get dirty. He seems to forget about the glove on his hand when that ball is coming toward him. It's so much more effective to stop the ball with your WHOLE body---that way, you are sure to get the maximum amount of ball field dirt all over your cool uniform! This age is a riot. I had forgotten as I've been watching Gina in the recent past. Speaking of Gina, she hit a home run last night. Her pitching is really coming along, and it is a joy to see her having so much fun. The Crocs are undefeated so far under the coaching direction of Jeff. It is a great thing for Gina to share with her dad---when she's not arguing with him from the mound! If Jeff would just resign himself to the fact that Gina knows more about the game, we would all be a lot happier!

     Wisdom is learned, though, isn't it? I'm not so sure.  I feel that Joey just seems to have a natural wisdom about life, and we all continue to learn from him.  The other day Gina came into the house in tears. A boy in the neighborhood was teasing her, and it hurt her feelings. Joey said with such sincerity it melted my heart, "You don't have to worry Gina. You have a face carved by an Angel." Wow! I don't know how he comes up with this stuff, but I am scared by my little Casanova. Gina's not the only one we're going to have to watch in a few years. With lines like that....Joey is sure to steal a few hearts.  He already has mine, and he will have it forever. Love to all of you.




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