Happy Easter
More life lessons from Joey

     Ahh Spring! No wait, I guess today, it is winter again. That's ok, we have long since adopted the day by day attitude in the Tubo house. I am not sure how we got there, but we seem to be ok with it for now.

Curiously, I have been doing a lot of wondering how we got here lately. I guess it is because I am about to celebrate what I am jokingly calling my "last birthday". The day when I will forever be 39. In any event, I have been looking back, appreciating just getting through some of it, and feeling able to look toward a brighter future.

There are times when your age and experience do slap you right in the face, though. I mean how is it that a few weeks ago, I had the BEST seats ever for The Michael Stanley Band? I could take all the pictures I wanted, and nobody cared. How is it that I was watching this guy who I used to drool over and now, I am older than he was in the height of his career?

Or, how is it that I found myself standing in awe of Princess Diana's wedding gown last week? This same gown that I watched her wear over 20 years ago?

AND, how is it that when I tell Gina about either event, she doesn't know who Michael Stanley or Princess Diana are? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

Joey has been looking for the same type of answers lately too. He is always so deep and makes me that much more interested to just have the next day with my children. He woke up on Sunday, came down for breakfast, and hit me with one of his famous questions. "Mom, how DID God get so special? I mean, you know, how did he get so special like before he made the world and everything?" These type of questions just make my little introspective ramblings ridiculous, don't they? It proves to me how special God really is because in this world he made, he gave me Joey. He let me keep Joey longer than I thought He ever would. And, along with Joey, I also get Gina and all of her wonderful day to day events. I am privileged to be their mother, and I hope to have many more birthdays with them by my side.

Beyond my BIG day, we are looking forward to a fun filled Easter Season, jammed packed with many activities. Gina is involved in travel basketball and softball. Joey should start coach pitch baseball soon. And, we have a few little trips planned for the week. We remain awestruck by all the blessings in our lives. We find such joy in the normal. We wish all of you a Blessed Easter.

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