Molasses & Boxes
Lessons from a 6 year old

     You know that commercial for that OTHER insurance company?  "Sometimes, life comes at you fast.."  I think that is so true.  I told myself at the suggestion of many friends that I would write an update each month.  That way, I could avoid the guilt and pressure that I put on myself to report all to you.  Well, it appears a month has gone by, and it has been full of life and all its little interruptions.

    As adults, I think we say and do things with little thought sometimes.  It is so interesting to hear something we've said as interpreted by our children.  It makes us makes us think...sometimes, it makes us slow down.  Joey said such a thing when we were watching The National Championship Game.  First, he was very confused as to WHY we were rooting for Ohio State.  But, his dad explained to him that we MUST root for The Big Ten. So, he was extra interested in the game and the outcome.  As we watched, he would comment on things with Jeff.  He looks for so much recognition from Jeff when it comes to sports.  He emulates him. 

  Joey said, "Dad, look at that guy!  He is SO  SLOW!  He is as slow as that guy you know!"   
  "What guy, Joe?"
  "You know, Dad, that guy....that guy you always talk about....Molasses!"

     Well, needless to say.  We laughed at that awhile.  Joey has a gift for doing that.  He pays attention, he thinks, he comments, we learn.


     Recently, we were in the ER again.  This time, it was for a NORMAL curable childhood disease.  Turns out that Joey has the chickenpox.  He has about a million of them.  But, he is dealing with it fine.  We had to go to the ER on the advice of our pediatrician because Joey's vaccination would have been eliminated by his stem cell transplant.  The bad news was that it was on the same night as his Kindergarten Program.  He was disappointed that he didn't have his moment in the spotlight.  He said, "MOM, I've been waiting my WHOLE life to be on the big stage!"  Well, stardom would have to wait as life slowed us down again.  I promised him there would be other days in the sun. We were in the ER for  4 hours.  And, it reminded me of a time 3 February's ago.  We were in the same ER, but we were going to stay for quite awhile.  

     How wonderful that we could be treated and return to our own beds that night. Joey and I talked about that as we said our night time prayers.  Joey prayed for all the children who didn't get to leave the ER that night.  He prayed for the hungry.  Then, I said, "And God, on this cold night, please help all those who don't have a home." Then, Joey said with the greatest sincerity, head up to the sky and hands folded, "Yes Lord, if they don't have a home, PLEASE give them a really nice box."    I've told the story ever since.  I am sure there are a few homeless with wonderful new boxes today. 


     So, in February of 2007, I continue to learn from my son who thinks of others, makes them laugh, makes them learn.  I am trying to be more like him. I have started to volunteer at the hospital as a Parent Mentor.  My goal is to bring his message of hope to all those whose life has been forced to a halt.  I am trying to put my busy agenda aside by slowing down, helping others, loving my family, living this life.  I am trying to be more like Molasses.  Have a wonderful day, and SLOW DOWN....til next time!



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