Happy New Year 2007

   There is a little thing that looms over every situation when you are Italian. I don't think the Italians have exclusive rights to it, but they sure have perfected it. It is called GUILT. My Grandma Arenella taught me the art, and it has been passed down, as it should be. It governs our actions....and motivates us to fit that last meatball into our mouths when our bellies are going to burst. It would be a sin to waste it, right? Well, tonight two of my dear friends applied the art---and, stuffed full of all the happenings in the Tubo family, I am FINALLY sitting down to right this BLOG.
I have MANY excuses....
First, I can blame the Holidays. After the clear scans, we had much to be thankful for and celebrated Thanksgiving with family. Jeff left right after the turkey for the big hunt. He was successful this year and brought home his "kill" to share with us all. One day, I got a call from Joey, "Hey, Mom. This is SO cool. I'm helping Daddy cut up his deer!" Joy. Just
what I wanted, another hunter.
Following that, I can blame vacation. I took my own little trip to Texas to see my dear friend, Stacie.
It was an amazing trip. I was ALONE for 5 days and responsible only for myself. We shopped, ate, and giggled our way through an awesome visit. Jeff survived without me, the children were alive, and I was very grateful for a little "me" time.
Of course, Christmas can be blamed for the entire month of December. In the days leading up to it, my children were so wired, I thought I wouldn't survive the season. They were cooped up and excited with no other way to let off steam then at each other. Just when I thought I'd absolutely lose my mind, Joey once again broke up the moment with his infinite wisdom.
He said, "Hey Mom, do you want me to get you a striped shirt and a whistle?" I had to retreat to a dark corner to laugh at that one. He has a gift for making me laugh just before he is about to be in big trouble.

Christmas Eve was extra special this year. I was able to sing with my mom in the church choir. Joey had a routine on this one too. You see, my mother has a tendency to cry at everything. So, Joey would imitate her singing and crying at the same time, "S-III-lent N-augh-t, H-OOO-ly N-au-au-ght". It was a riot. The whole family was at the vigil mass this year to see if Grandma made it. And, somehow, she did. Afterward, Joey went up to her to comment on her appearance. She looked beautiful in a shimmering black sweater set.
But, Joey had his own advice. He said, "Grandma, you are WAY too sparkly! You look like a Christmas Ornament!"
Christmas was just a special time for me. I remain mindful of the fact that we've been lucky enough to spend each one at home, with our families---not in some hospital. That remains the best gift for me.
Gina and Joey each made me a gift this year. The pride on their faces when giving their gifts was all I
needed, and I'll treasure these times forever.
Of all the gifts Joey received, one has stood out as a favorite. Despite all of his video games, toys and electronic gizmos, I am so touched that his favorite remains a children's study bible that I bought him.
He carries it all over the house and refers to it often. The other day, he came down the stairs with this look of amazement. He said, "Mom, did you KNOW that Jesus was born in the New Testament?" Yeah, I know that he was born....I know because of the miracles he has bestowed on my son.
That said, I am happy to be through the holidays in one piece for another year. January represents a new beginning for me now. It used to just represent Winter Blues. But, I love this time of year when we can resolve to make a difference. So, far I kept a diet for 4 days, organized one closet, and painted my bathroom. Hopefully, I'll be better at keeping resolution #4: WRITE ON THE BLOG. I'd better...because I can't take the guilt otherwise.
Thank you my faithful friends---however few of you may still be reading--you inspire me to keep this log of our life. One day, I hope it inspires others who still struggle through this life...one day at a time.
Much love and make it a Happy New Year in 2007.


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