Happy Fall 2006 !

   Don't panic-I know I'm getting back to you all WAY before you expected. Nothing is going on beyond all of our regular goings on. We are busy, happy, normal people...well, we are busy, happy, normal people when Gina and Joey are not busy fighting. Joey has moved into "little brother" mode, and Gina is not too keen on the transformation. He knows which buttons to push. And, she is big into drama. Are these the moments I vowed I'd always embrace? Believe me, when I look back on it, I do. It's just when I'm in the midst of it, that I can't see the joy in it! I know what you are thinking, I wanted normal, and this is SO normal. Watch what you wish for....

This was a lesson I had to teach Joey. I found him watching Miami Ink the other day. He was wishing for his own cool tattoo. This was my moment to brainwash (I mean teach) him about tattoos. To turn him off, I told him that they use needles to apply tattoos.

Then, I told him that they are PERMANENT. He said, "What is permanent?" So, I explained that meant FOREVER. I said, "Joey, remember when you were really into Spider-Man? And, now you are more into Storm Troopers? Well, if you had gotten a Spider-Man tattoo way back when and changed your mind about it, you wouldn't be able to erase it EVER." The look on his face told me that I had made my point. I taught my son about the dangers of tattoos. I had done my job well. Well, then, as is his usual custom, my son taught me something instead. He said, "Mommy, I know what type of tattoo I would get. I would get one that said I LOVE GOD." So, I had to say that IF he ever got one, I guess that would be a great permanent thing to say.

It's in these moments that I believe with all my heart that God put Joey here to teach us all. I hold on to these moments to overcome my weakness of faith. I'll be holding on to it over the next week or so. Joey will be scanned again on November 15th for his six month checkup. A few extra prayers would be appreciated. At times like these, I welcome any type of normal we can keep. Recently, I have learned of so much relapse among the kids I follow. I ask you to especially keep them in your prayers too. When you think of Joey, please think of Hannah Douglas and Caroline Carter. They are beautiful girls who smile through adversity. And, they deserve our normal too.

Til next time, keep the faith. And, keep on smiling.  

Joey could use help with that too because, currently, he is missing his 2 front teeth and a few on the bottom as well. Guess he'll be singing that song for Christmas. And, we'll all be singing right along with him. Keep a song in your heart and we'll keep you posted.


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