Update #221

 Posted by Laura Tubo  August 16, 2006

     You never get too old to be put in your place, do you?  Sometimes it's a story of someone's experience, sometimes it's a passage you might read, and sometimes it's just a one-liner from you mother...I received an email from mine today. It was filled with newsy updates and much love, as always. Then, there was the zinger..."Checked your BLOG today...and you are WAY BEHIND." Yes Mother....

We are way behind for all good reasons. Summer is winding down, and we've been packing all the fun we can into the remaining days. Our recent days have been filled with so much activity and many milestones.

On July 19th, Joey rode his 2 wheeler for the first time. In no time at all, he's become quite the stunt man. His favorite trick is to ride like the wind and then jam on the brakes to make skid marks. Just in time too, because the following week was spent at Maumee Bay State Park. We rode bikes all over the park and had just an awesome time. One night, Joey took me down to the beach to chase the gulls. His spirit soared as the gulls took off. He said, "Isn't this awesome, Mom? It feels just like Walkin on Sunshine!" All of the sun and swimming did wonders for his elbow, as well. He had a mole removed which required stitches. It healed very well. I was crediting the chlorine, but Joey was quick to again put me in my place. I said, "Wow, Joey. Your scar looks good!" He said, "Mommy, don't you know? That's God. God heals everything." I should know that by now seeing him run around as he does. That trip was followed by a visit to Florida.

We had a great week with my dad, June and my grandmother. Joey and Gina LOVED the ocean. Joey charged into the waves with fists in the air like a giant. And, Gina had a ball jumping over them. When we returned, we took in the newest member of our family. NO-not that kind of milestone--a smaller, more obedient kind. Toto the dog has been with us for a week now, and she fits right into our family. She is an adorable Carin Terrier and we are so lucky to have her. Both kids have been trying to entice her to sleep with them, but so far, she has ended up with the biggest kid each night. Jeff just turns to mush around this little animal. We are in for many years of fun. Still, with all this excitement, I am still mindful that this time of year brings yet another milestone on our miracle journey. Joey is 2 years post-transplant. There is hope. There is hope in each day that he amazes me.

Next week, he'll go to Kindergarten. And like so many mothers, I am sure I'll be crying as I send my baby off to school. The difference is that my tears will be tears of joy. I never thought I'd see the day.

And, with each milestone, I just thank God for our miracle.

Love Love Love,   Laura  Jeff  Gina  and  Joey


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