Update #220

 Posted by Laura Tubo  July 12, 2006
Happy Fun Times in the Summertime !!!

     What once was a daily update has turned into a monthly report. What a miracle! We've been busy in the past month with many activities and milestones. Just after the last update, we participated in The Relay for Life. Joey's Superheroes raised $6400.00 this year--that is double last year's total. It was an awesome night. Joey took another survivor lap and we've been "Walkin on Sunshine" ever since. At the end of the lap, each survivor places a paper flower in a fenced off garden. I asked Joey to stand for a picture, and he spontaneously folded his hands and looked up to the sky as if to say, "Thank you Jesus!"

I was able to snap a picture and will try to post it with this update for all to see. It is truly the picture of survival and the meaning of hope. We all camped out at the stadium in the Crawford RV. Then, on the next morning, the Relay Committee was giving out awards. Joey was all ears. They had awards for teams on the track at all times, most spirit, etc.

Joey really wanted to win one, and he thought he had it wrapped up when they announced an award for oldest on the track. He looked at me with a raised hand and said, "Oh Mommy, I KNOW we won this one because my Aunt Lisa was on the track and she's 40!" For the record, the winner was 80. I don't know who is more sad at this point, Joey for not winning the award, or Aunt Lisa. The following weekend we celebrated his birthday in style. We rented the hot tub again and Joey and his "close and personal friends" (all 24 other kids) soaked in the bubbles while sipping on "martinis" (sparkling grape juice). He had a ball.

And, on his real birthday, the following Sunday, he got a ball. We went to the Aeros Game for our scheduled kid's club day. There was an autograph signing during which Jeff spoke to one of the players.

Just before the game, this player, Kevin Kouzmanoff, motioned to Jeff and Joey who were on the 3rd base line. Kevin tossed Joey the ball he was warming up with and told him Happy Birthday. Joey said, "This is the best day of my life!" And, it certainly ranked up there for me as well. It was a day I couldn't imagine celebrating not too long ago. Now, my Joe is 6 and as healthy as ever. He remains the last one in bed each night. I am sure he is sucking all of his extra energy out of me when I am not looking. I don't know where he gets it, but I love to see it. He is so full of life. He teaches me to find joy in each day.

Someday, he'll get that award. I am sure of it.

Someday, he'll be oldest on the track. He tells me all the time that God made him special. I have no doubt that is true. Love to all of you. Til next time, forgive me for my irregular updates. I am just

  So busy walking on sunshine with my wonderful son.

Love,   Laura  Jeff  Gina  and  Joey

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