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 Posted by Laura Tubo  June 21, 2006
Happy Summer !!!

     My, how time flies. They grow up so fast, don't they?  I have tried to live in the moment. I have tried to adopt a day-by-day attitude. But, just when I think I am in control of our schedule, it seems that Joey puts me in my place. Of late, my quote of mention has been a painful reminder of just how much power I have lost. 

     My son came into my room last week and announced, "Mommy, today I became a MAN!" You can imagine my raw fear when I asked, "What do you mean, Joey?"  Joey said, "I only want to wear 'whitie tighties'! I want you to give all my Spider-man Underwear to Jack!" Jack will be happy because at the age of 4, he has, well, another year before he is a man! Then, yesterday, the trend continued when Joey said, "Mom-today I want to be in charge of myself. I PROMISE I will make good decisions, OK?" How do you respond to that? I mean it's bad enough that I let Jeff believe he is charge of himself....to relinquish that to Joey too would be out of the question. If anyone has a suggestion, I am open, because it is becoming blatantly apparent to me that I am losing all control of the men in my life, and I am doing so with a big smile on my face.  

     Smiling feels right these days. We are having yet another incredible Summer. We started it off with the Memorial Day Parade. Joey and Gina had a blast at the expense of all the unsuspecting spectators. Joey was trying to peg people with the candy--and, I think he succeeded in a few cases. He waived his "Survivor Wave" and basked in his own glory. Much like at the Aeros Game that same weekend. It was a Kid's Club event, and the kids were permitted to run the bases after the game. Joey did not want to participate at
first, but when he heard us cheering for Gina, he soon changed his mind. As it turned out, he was last in line. And, due to a problem with his flip-flops, he was a little behind everyone else. This resulted in Joey running the bases ALONE. It was an incredible sight. He was running the bases in the shadow of Children's Hospital. And, just as he was rounding 3rd to home, he stopped and put his arms in the air with a dual victory peace signs. What a sight! So many times, we had looked out of the hospital window at the ball-field. And, now, Joey was the one that others could see. Summer was now in full swing.

     This spring and summer (today!), we have been hanging out at the pool and numerous other ball-fields for baseball/softball season.  Unfortunately, the Lady Wolverines went down by one run this evening, so now, we can focus on our next big event. We are once again participating in the Relay for Life. This Friday, Joey will take his Survivor Lap and then join his team, "Joey's Superheroes" for a night of fun. Our team has raised over $5,000.00 so far this year. The event is at Green High School Stadium from 4 pm on 6-23 to 10 am on 6-24. All are welcome. It is a fun night and for such a worthy cause. If anyone would still like to support our team, just email me, and I'll set you up!

     I remain thankful for all who continue to follow us in prayer and support. Without you, my son would not have a Survivor Lap. Without my son, I would not have survived. So, I'll put him in charge of reminding me of the gift in each day. I trust him completely to make good decisions. After all, he is my number one, little man...Love to all of you. And, thanks for checking in on us.


Love,   Laura  Jeff  Gina  and  Joey

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