Update #215

 Posted by Laura Tubo  April 16, 2006

     We certainly had a Happy Easter today. The kids started the day with much excitement.  They each had their own egg hunt which led them to their baskets.  The Easter Bunny left a rhyming clue in each egg which led them to the next and ultimately the basket. It was a big hit again this year, and quite a riot.  You see, the Easter Bunny was writing these rhymes following the 2 hour Vigil Mass.  So, around midnight, it became quite funny. They went something like, "This is a hunt, not one of your chores, go find an egg, where your Big Dad snores!"  Not a lot of snoring went on, though, because it was around midnight that the printer died and we were one print short of a hunt.  Mr. Easter Bunny had to get out of bed to fix the problem!  Where are those "Mall Helpers" when you REALLY need them"?  Joey is on to that scam, by the way.  He had the Easter Bunny visit him at Preschool this week. He came home and said, "Mom-that Easter Bunny was a fake!  I saw he had Nike shoes on and his glove came off and I saw a HUMAN HAND!  Then, the Easter Bunny went in the kitchen and a few minutes later, I saw a guy come out with the SAME SHOES!" Can't pull one over on my little Bond.

It still amazes me that any of our kids really buy into a six foot bunny that hops around and leaves them treats! But, they do...they are true believers and teachers to us all. 

The basket hunt was followed by a visit to church.  It was there that another small miracle occurred.  Gina wore an Easter dress, not without some protest. She looked gorgeous, but you couldn't convince her of that. Oh, how I miss the glitter years!  Joey had a tie and vest...VERY sharp and lovin' every minute of it. He thought he looked like Bond and wanted to keep his outfit on all day. Regardless of what he wears, I won't soon forget the image I saw from the choir. My family filled an entire pew. And, I could see Easter Hope everywhere.  Fr. John spoke the words which I have focused on so many times throughout this journey,:

"With God, All Things are Possible." And, seeing my handsome Joey, all dressed up like the rest of the kids, made me a believer again today. These images strengthen me and carry me through the doubt. These images will get me through the next few weeks.  Joey will be scanned again on April 27th. Some prayers would be appreciated to make this normal life of ours POSSIBLE once again. Happy Easter to all of you. We love you all.

Love,   Laura  Jeff  Gina  and  Joey

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