Update #214

 Posted by Laura Tubo  March 23, 2006

     Joey has a new favorite song. I borrowed it from the library, and we cruise to it anytime we get in the car. It is Ricky Martin's "Livin La Vida Loca".  And, what a crazy life, it is. So much going on---and NONE of it related to cancer. How wonderful is that? I find myself once again prioritizing to fit it all in. Sometimes, I just don't get it right. But, never fear, if I lose sight of what is important, Joey is always there to remind me.
     Last week, Jeff and I started the week with simultaneous flu. Joy. The kids escaped it, but, by the end of the week, I felt like I was playing catch up. I had to make a late night store run to replenish our stock, and as I was coming in the door, EVERYONE was yelling, "MOM!" Gina had some issue that I never did find out. Joey was running around looking for an action figure. And, Jeff was in the other room practicing guitar. I, on the other hand, had just landed a foot in the door and my arms were full of frozen foods. I said, "Everyone, please just wait a minute." Well, PRIORITIES!!!  Joey stomped into the kitchen and said to me, "Mom, what is more important: Dad touching your heart or your STUPID groceries?"   I replied, "What do you mean, Joey?"   To that I was told, "Mooommmm, Dad is trying to learn a love song for you."  So, the bags of food went down, and I had to go into the other room for a ROMANTIC rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In". Be still my heart!  In any event, my heart was touched by my sensitive little man who constantly reminds me how blessed I am to be his mother. He is feeling so good, and that keeps me going.
      Last week, we had his eyes checked.  His vision is 20-15, and no evidence of any disease in the orbital area of his eyes, a common place for relapse. I still have guarded celebration, but I do allow myself these small little reassurances now. I hesitate in writing it all. I know that so many people read this site. So many read just to celebrate with us. Others, who are still fighting, read for hope. At any moment, I could be thrown back into it. And, at every moment, I remain mindful of that.
      Many people who see Joey have commented lately on his growth. He does seem to be shooting up lately. His pants are floods. I need to go shopping. He lost his first tooth this past Sunday. Gina turned him on to her method of a big payoff. I found him polishing it for the tooth fairy prior to placing it under his pillow. Then, I found him unable to go to sleep. The Tooth Fairy was nodding off, but finally she was able to exchange the shiny tooth for the money. The Tooth Fairy still has the tooth, by the way. All the others have gone away, but, for some reason, she just can't throw this one out. How silly is that? I think she just can't let go of any piece of this miracle we call Joey---like, this tooth might bring her comfort someday. Oh well, we'll hold on to every piece in time that we are given. And, we'll make THAT our priority from here on out!


Love to all of you................................

Love,   Laura  Jeff  Gina  and  Joey

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