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 Posted by Laura Tubo  February 14, 2006
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       Happy Valentine's Day!  This time of year certainly has me focused on the love in my life....and, the love OF my life.  It was 2 years ago that we began this journey, and every day since, I have felt such love from my son, my family and all of you.  Every day, Joey showers me with kisses.  Every day, I feel like the luckiest mother in the world.  And, in those same moments, I realize I am the luckiest PERSON to have endured this struggle.  Because, through it all, I have seen yet more love from so many other people---from my closest family to perfect strangers.  And, that is why I am certain that I can call on all of you yet one more time to support a new project I am working on.  

         Most recently, so many of you were generous enough to pledge a lunch for Neuroblastoma.  Joey's Lunch for Life Tree continues to grow, and we are so very grateful.  In addition, we feel responsible for 3 additional trees which came to life from our site.  There is strength in numbers, and that is the basis for my idea.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter to The Oprah Winfrey Show to attempt to draw more attention to Lunch for Life and the desperate need for Neuroblastoma Research.  I prayed for the words to get it noticed.  And through that prayer, I realized that if so many people would give a Lunch for Life, why not a Letter for Life?  It occurred to me that all of you would be willing to write a quick email to the show, and if we coordinated our efforts, Neuroblastoma might just get noticed! 

          So, on this Valentine's Day, I am asking each of you to take a few moments and send a "Valentine for Hope" to Oprah.  I would like all of the emails to be sent over this next weekend (2-17 to 2-19) so that a flood of emails occur.  Please put "A Valentine for Hope" in the subject line so that the show's producers might see the power of our numbers.  And, just mention that you are writing this Valentine for Hope so that children like Joey don't go unnoticed.  Ask that Oprah dedicate a show to highlight this disease which is the single most common cancer in infants today.  Ask that she bring attention to the program Lunch for Life on behalf of children who suffer.  And, finally, please ask all of your friends to send a quick note as well.  I truly believe in the strength of our numbers.  This project only costs a moment of our time....and children like Joey thank you for each moment in time that they are able to experience because people like you care.  Please click the "go" link to send your email to Oprah.  


Love to all of you this Valentine's Day and always................................

Love,   Laura  Jeff  Gina  and  Joey

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