Update #211

 Posted by Laura Tubo  February 3, 2006
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    Well, since our amazing news, we have been busy going about living life. It still sets me back to realize that we can be just as busy without treatment. Is this what it was like before February 19, 2004? I'll never be sure....it feels like ancient history. I'm not certain that I believe that it was just 2 years ago that we started this journey. We know we lived through it, now, we just have to live with it. It helps to try to start each day fresh, as if it is the first and the last. In the past week, we have had many firsts, in fact. I filled out the first forms necessary to put Joey in Kindergarten in the Fall.  Joey had his first cavity. Jeff had his first guitar lesson. And, while we were on a roll, Gina was looking for her first victory this basketball season----but, with no luck. They lost by one bucket at the buzzer---Gina's bucket. Heartbreaking, but Gina took it very well. Like Joey, she just has more fire for next week. My children sure aren't quitters, and I am so proud of that. As for me, I had my first Tupperware Party. It was so fun. That should tell all of you in the thick of treatment, that life CAN return to normal. I never imagined having the time or desire for that 2 years ago. Each day brings new challenges and new hope. Today, Joey woke up with a 101 degree temperature. Turns out, he has an ear infection. Big deal....he's already on antibiotics and playing video games. Life is so relative. Such a thing would've set me back 2 years ago....now, if it can be fixed, Hallelujah! We are so mindful of how this whole thing has come out so well. We know that God has seen us through it all. And, no one knows that more that Joey. On the way home from the pediatrician today , he said to me, "Mommy, wouldn't it be cool if God was just one of your friends that could come over and play whenever you wanted? And, if you wanted to play with a certain toy or something, God could just create it for you, and you could play it?" I said, "Yeah, Joey, but God is your friend, you know. You can talk to him whenever you want, and he'll listen to your prayers!" He said, "I know Mom, God IS my friend, he's my NUMBER ONE, BEST FRIEND, right?" That's right Joe...just keep believing and He'll be your friend for life.


Love,   Laura  Jeff  Gina  and  Joey

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