Update #210

 Posted by Laura Tubo  January 12, 2006


                Well, I'll just get right to it.  There is no philosophy today.  I am just on my knees, in awe.  Joey remains cancer free!  My clinic visit was agony.  We waited over an hour to see the doctor.  I sat in the waiting room trying to read the faces of anyone who approached me.  Did they know something?  If they did, is it good news?  FINALLY, Dr. Patton came in and told me all was fine.  And, for a moment, I can
breathe again.  When we got in the car, I started to call the family to tell them.  Finally, Joey interrupted me and said, "Mommy, you don't have to call everyone to tell them I'm ok.  They already know, because , I'm a SURVIVOR!"  Yes, Joey, you are a SURVIVOR who loves life.  And, I love mine, as long as you're in it.


Love,   Laura  Jeff  Gina  and  Joey

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