Update #205

Posted by Laura Tubo  November 16, 2005

Only 39 days until Christmas! Joey has me counting down. It doesn't seem possible that we are here again, already. I was re-reading the BLOG from this time last year. Life was so uncertain. I wasn't getting ready for a holiday ... ....  I was getting ready for the hospital. Joey was fighting a fever and we weren't sure if we'd be home for Thanksgiving or eating hospital turkey. One year later, my little turkey is still causing trouble, and I remain so very thankful. I am thankful for each moment I have with my children. I am thankful that we made it. And, I am forever grateful for all the people who helped us along the way. Yet, with each new day, I am always mindful of all the children who are still struggling.  Life is still uncertain for all of us. But, my faith in Joey's healing is stronger each day. I find this journey to be kind of like labor. I'll never forget the pain, it just seems so worth it now. The gift in the burden becomes apparent over time. And, I wouldn't have seen the gift without my family, my friends, and especially my children. I find that as an adult, all of life's responsibilities and trials tend to blur your vision. Everything is so much more clear through the eyes of a child. There are no uncertainties, just facts. Everything is simple and in the moment. And, it is in those simple moments, that I see my everyday miracle. Tonight, Joey, Gina and I were watching a DVD, "Cheaper by the Dozen."  Most of you know that the story centers around a family of 12 children. At one point, the whole family hugs in a huddle of love. As we watched, Joey was huddling with me and said, "See that Mommy? Don't YOU want more children because the much children you have, the more love you get from them?" How true, my son.  But, even though I know you are right, I just can't imagine feeling more love than I do from you and Gina.  Simply put, you are both one of a kind miracles.   And, I love you both with all of my heart.

 Love Laura   

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