Update #203


Posted by Laura Tubo  October 31, 2005



"It's a good thing we had an extra hour today, because we spent every moment of today involved in family fun. The day began as it should, in church. And, I am glad, because after our lesson on creation, I have now learned that we might need a little help on the religion lessons from the ordained professionals! Joey was reiterating what he learned to Aunt Lisa the other day. And, when asked who was the first man that God created, he proudly said with much enthusiasm, "George". You know, the famous story of George and Eve. Oh well, at least he was enthusiastic about it! Following church, we went to Grandpa Bob's pumpkin patch. Grandpa Bob grew some, (and I quote from Joey), GINORMOUS PUMPKINS! I could barely carry the one Joey picked, and carving it was equally challenging. But, it was worth the effort to see his smile mirror that of the GINORMOUS Jack-O-Lantern on the front porch. There were plenty of smiles today. I just hope they remain after the candy that I am sure has been consumed behind closed doors. I knew he was into it, but I just couldn't spoil his fun. He needed his energy after all, because we spent the evening hours Ghosting the neighbors with treat bags. It is a game in our neighborhood where the kids leave treat bags and a ghost on the front porch of unsuspecting neighbors. Then, the recipient repeats the process on someone else the next night until everyone is ghosted. Joey and Gina insisted on wearing dark clothes. I was the get-away car lurking around the corner while Joey, Gina and Jeff went sneaking around with our treat bags. It was a riot. My little spy had the time of his life. I can see why he wants to be a spy when he grows up. Actually, he recently told me that he either wants to be a spy, the President of the United States, or a guy at Taco Bell. I am sure all have similar qualifications. And for Joey, all seem within reach. His visions of the future are filled with excitement and wonder. There is no fear for him, and it is something I try to learn from him each day. Recently, we have begun the task of repeating his immunizations from birth to age 5. This is required due to his bone marrow being replaced. He has had 6 shots in a week, and he has been a champ through the whole process. He said to me, "Mommy, I am not afraid of anything as long as you are with me." I feel the same way Joey...and, that future we'll share will continue to amaze me. .

 Love Laura    

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