Update #202


Posted by Laura Tubo  October 19, 2005


"Mom, how did God make the world?" Yes-the questions are still coming---you know, the ones for which I have
no answers. This was a good one. So, I TRIED to explain the world's creation in 5-year-old terms by
getting out the Children's Bible. I read of how God said, Let there be light", etc. "Yeah, Mom, but HOW
did he do it?" "Well, Joey, God just said it, and it happened." "WOW!" was his whispered reply. I guess
he is in awe too. I told him that there are things we must believe in without seeing them with our eyes. 
He said, "Well, I KNOW God is real because I got made. And, it's a cool thing to be alive!" It's a VERY
cool thing to be alive and witness my little miracle enjoying his life. He is an active 5-year-old who is
loving school and just living each day to the fullest. Tomorrow at school, he gets to be "Special Person". 
Each day, one child is selected to bring in a show-and-tell item, lead the line, do the weather,
etc. And, I think the teacher chose to form the list alphabetically. So, while I always dreaded being in
the front seat growing up as an "A", my little Tubo won't have that problem. He has selected his
Batmovile (that is how he pronounces it), by the way.  I am sure the class will also be in awe. I know I
remain that way because my little "special person" fills each day with enthusiastic zest for life. And,
my life will never be the same.....

 Love Laura    

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