Update #201


Posted by Laura Tubo  October 13, 2005


It does not seem possible that it was only one week ago that our life began AGAIN.  Our days feel so
normal and full of happiness.  Through all of this, I do still feel somewhat surprised that I can rebound so
well.  A week ago, I had such fear.  And, after one phone call, my days are full of thankful praise.  It
is all of the INFORMATION that we have.  It just festers into a growth of doubt.  Sometimes, all you
need to know is that God is in the business of miracles.  Joey sure knows that.  He is living the
day-to-day plan as we all are---he's just keeping track.  He had me make a chart to count how many days
remain until Christmas.  For those of you interested, there are 72 shopping days left.  Of course, he is
already formulating his list as well.  I did ask him what he wanted for Christmas while we were on the
subject.  And, you'll all be glad to know, it's not much....Joey said, "I want GOD'S POWERS for
Christmas."  Grandma Mary Ann put it best when she said, "I think God's Powers are already with him." 
Guess I don't have to shop for him this year....   

 Love Laura 

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