Update #199


Posted by Laura Tubo  September 21, 2005

         Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith...that's all I could think of as I watched Joey tonight. He went to his first gymnastics class. In the gym, they have a runway-type trampoline. I watched him jump all the way down and then LEAP into the foam pit like Batman. It was just an amazing sight, and it really renewed my faith in his healing. It's been a day for that, in fact. I finally trumped up enough nerve to call the hospital. They had mentioned a desire to repeat his scans this month, but they had yet to call me. So, I called to check on that. And, what I found out really made my day. Joey's urine test that I purposely didn't call about was normal. Now, this is just one piece of the puzzle, but it was that corner piece that I'd been waiting to find--you know, the one that links you to everything else? I am hopeful that the rest of the pieces fall into place next week. His repeat scans are next Thursday and Friday. I had to share my good news!!! On the day-by-day approach, this one is a good one. I find that this leap of faith for me is more like leap frog--We must hop over the obstacles, but we always find renewed strength when our feet hit the ground. With my children in the line with me, I am able to keep playing this game. And, I am so thankful to be able to play for another day.

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