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Posted by Laura Tubo  September 13, 2005

         I had my good cry this past weekend---but, the tears were tears of joy. Joey started preschool on Friday. On his first day, he was to be accompanied by a parent, so I got to witness this event in its entirety. We went with Aunt Lisa and cousin Lizzie, who is in his class this year. All was usual and customary...there were lots of pictures....there was lots of excitement....and, then, there were lots of tears. I was watching him get acclimated to the room. He was on his carpet square, working on some blocks, kind of edging his way closer to a new friend, and the flood gates opened. I just whimpered for a moment, and then my sister caught me. She said, "Stop it, you're killing me!" Then, another mother saw me, and I felt the need to explain myself. I think at first she thought I was just some blubbering neurotic mother. She said, "Is he your first one?" I said, "No, he's my baby--and I never thought we'd make it to this day." I gave her the short version of our long story, and then, I had to hand her a Kleenex too.
Yes, many tears of joy.

The day was a shortened version of what his day will be. We had circle time, play time and a brief question and answer period where the children were asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  Lizzie was going to "be a dancer and take gymnastics!"  Others were going to be firemen, ballerinas, etc.  Joey, of course, like most preschoolers, said, "I'm going to be a Spy and a Stunt Man!"

Today, he did it on his own. Aunt Lisa took him to school, and I am told, he walked right in with Lizzie--never looking back. He has arrived. This is his time. He has reclaimed his freedom, and he has found a new independence at the same time. It seems more and more apparent to me that with each milestone, my children need me less and I, in direct proportion, need them more. Their love brings me to tears----I am just grateful that lately, the tears are tears of joy.

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