Update #197


Posted by Laura Tubo  September 7, 2005

         I just re-read last update to see just how late I am at catching everyone up...and, I found, as usual, that we have been busy.  That Day Plus One thing I was talking about is still in force--only, I'm always thinking that I have another day to write on this BLOG.  No more procrastinating--here it comes. 
        I don't have any real medical updates to provide--I am adopting the no-news-is-good-news attitude as of late.  I decided not to call for that additional test on the urine.  I decided that I would be called if there was a problem, and if there was not, I would not.  I further decided that the existing plan of rescanning in a month would not be changed regardless of the remaining urine test, so any suggested problem would just make me that much more crazy.  Thus, this is the reason that I have been busy avoiding all that is medical and enjoying all that is not.
        We had a busy Holiday weekend.  Friday night, we went to the Lake Football Game with family and friends.  We tailgated prior to the game and then enjoyed what was an awesome night for a game.  Cousins Ben and Nick were on parade prior to the game with their respective teams to waive to the crowd.  Lake won.  We all had a ball.  On Saturday, we went to Geauga Lake with Aunt Rhonda and crew.  It was awesome.  There was no one in line--on ANY ride.  The whole way there I was warning Joey, who is accustomed to the Make-A-Wish policy of no lines, that we would have to wait.  But it seemed that we were the only ones there.  We closed the park.  Joey had more energy than any of us....another GREAT day. Sunday, Jeff and I went out with his family for a celebration of Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bert's 25th Wedding Anniversary.  We enjoyed an evening with adults on the Nautica Queen for a dinner cruise.  Finally, on Monday, we ventured to Leesville Lake for some boating and fishing with the Spotlesons.  Joey wasn't too sure about the whole fishing thing.  He wanted to fish--but, he didn't want to see or touch a worm or a fish.  I understood completely--found out that I am a city girl all the way.  But, the day with family was worth winding those country roads with Jeff behind the wheel.  Barf! 
        All-in-all, we are doing quite well at avoiding what may be our reality.  And, at the same time, we are also enjoying the reality of the joy in each day.  It is a strange place to be in---one that brings on deep questions most often from Joe.  On Saturday, he asked me, "Mom, if God made the world, then who made God?"   That was followed by, "Mommy, where did my cancer come from?"  And finally, "Mommy, why do people smoke if they know it gives them cancer?"   All very good questions.  The only answer that I can offer is that I don't have one.  My son and I have learned that life is often just full of questions---and, only sometimes are the answers revealed by the journey.  Til we find out, I am willing to hold his hand along the way....

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