Update #196


Posted by Laura Tubo August 26, 2005

       One year ago today was regarded by the medical professionals as "Day Plus One". It was the day after he received his stem cell transplant. And, it seems so surreal to me that even though we are Day Plus 365, "Day Plus One" is how I feel today. We visited the clinic yesterday for a check of the blood counts.  Joey's counts are great. His urine is normal as well.   One test of the urine is sent out, and will not be read for 10 days. But, all else looks good. During our visit, our doctor asked me how we were all doing. 

        I reiterated that we are optimistic that the findings are inconclusive at this time. I told her that we are holding on to the fact that the radiologists have a dissenting opinion regarding the MIBG and that all agree that the CT scan is normal. She confirmed that, and felt Joey looked really well on exam. HOPE, HOPE, HOPE was the theme for the day. We are on the first day, each day. EVERY day is "Day Plus One". While we were waiting on the labs, Joey and I were playing video games. It was my turn to attempt to beat the level, and I looked over to find Joey just looking up, deep in thought. I said, "Hey Buddy, do you want a turn?" He said, "No Mom, I'm just sitting here thinking about all of the things that I had to go through." It struck me that he could reflect on yesterday, but still maintain his "Day Plus One" attitude. Once again, he will teach us all how to deal with life's uncertainty. Day-by-day seems so much easier with him by my side.

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