Update #193


Posted by Laura Tubo July 25,2005

        Well, I did go to the conference last weekend. And, I certainly was given a ton of medical information.
But, no amount of teaching could have prepared me for what I was faced with this evening. My five-year-old son asked me, "Mommy, how did I get inside your belly when I was a baby?" Aaahhhh! Now, you would think I would be ready for such a question. After all, Joey is my second child, and I am sure I have dealt with this with Gina. But, somehow, such a question always leaves me babbling like a baby searching for the right words. Still, I have learned to expect the unexpected. Rolling with such punches has become routine. So, as yet another public service announcement to the many parents who consult my site for such pertinent answers, I will share what I came up with. I said, "Well, Joey, when a Mommy and a Daddy love each other SO much that they have extra love to give, God gives them a baby." He said, "Yeah, but HOW did I fit in your belly? Your belly is so
small!" (Now, I KNOW that I love my son. My belly and small in the same sentence!) So, following the less-is-more approach that has saved me in the past, I said, "Joey, it is just a miracle each time God makes a baby." Whew! That seemed to satisfy it. A miracle is something he could identify with....after all, he is one. That was never more apparent to me as it was during the conference.
        To be having such normal days--such a fun filled Summer---is truly God's miracle. He has answered our prayers in giving us any relief from treatment. So many children don't reach this point---and, I remain thankful for each moment that I have with my children. We have made so many plans to enjoy each day....but, we are mindful that all of our planning means nothing. Each milestone realized is truly a gift. At the conference, I met so many wonderful people who know this all too well. All of us were seeking answers. All of us left with many questions. But, it did make me grateful that I could share the burden with people who knew exactly where I had been. My good friend Tina Cornelius shared a table with me each day. She and I met for only 24 hours in Cincinnati as she was taking her beautiful Aleah home and I was checking my little Joey in. But, no matter how brief our introduction, we have willingly shared the journey on which we were reluctantly placed. Aleah and Joey are both normal children today, just with special stories. And, I share that with so many parents who continue to struggle with this dreaded disease. I want to give them hope that there can be normal days ahead. And, I wouldn't trade these days for any amount of treatment.
        This weekend was a little less heavy on my mind. We had a ball. On Friday, Joey and all of his cousins went to see The Fantastic Four. Then, on Saturday, Jeff took the kids swimming all day while I had an awesome time shopping with my dear friend, Rhonda. We had no schedule, and it was just a great day. Saturday night, we had an Aeros game, but Joey and I skipped it for a trip to Family Video. We rented a few games/movies and just hung out together. I loved every minute. Today, the kids and I ran around town while Jeff worked on a few honey-dos. Sounds pretty normal---doesn't it? Believe me, there's nothing normal about it. We are fully aware that we have witnessed a miracle. And, that love that we have SO much of, just seems to increase each day.
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