Update #192


Posted by Laura Tubo July 13,2005

Survival of the fittest has been the theme around here lately. The Bond Party went off without a hitch. The hot tub was awesome. I bought plastic martini glasses for all the kids, and Joey and his friends drank "martinis" (sparkling grape juice) in the hot tub. It was quite the scene. It was a perfect day. It was a birthday I wasn't so sure we'd get to this time last year. And, we certainly did party. The survival came in the week following. Joey and I both ended up with fevers and sinus infections. Joey also developed a swimmer's ear. Gina had her stitches out and is doing well. In short, we are all on the mend. I guess if you play, in our house, you eventually pay!!! Still, if it can be fixed with a pill, we'll take it. Joey doesn't seem to mind these little inconveniences.
That makes it easier for all of us to roll with it.
In fact, he is so full of energy and mischief, that I can't keep up with him. He has developed a talent for making me laugh at the very moment he is in trouble.
It is all I can do to keep a stern Mommy face. I find myself happy that he is being such a rascal. I know this will catch up with me, but for now, I am embracing each moment. He is my normal, sassy boy.
Tomorrow, I am going to the Neuroblastoma Conference in Chicago. I wasn't able to attend last year as Joey was admitted to the hospital the day before I was to leave. Although the topic will be heavy, I am looking forward to going. I want to offer hope to others that miracles do happen. That is so evident in my son. He asked me the other day if I want to die so I could see Heaven. He said, "Mommy, Heaven is such a beautiful place! Don't you want to see it?" Well, I see it each day here on Earth. Each day that I can laugh at my son----rascal that he is----I get a glimpse of eternity with him. Til next time....keep praying.    And, please keep reading. I know I'm not as regular....but I'm certainly as normal as ever. And, in this house, normal means busy. I love you all.

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