Update 191

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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 22:22:25 28/06/05

I used to think that there was a certain time in life when a parent just rests easy and lets their children make their own choices, mistakes, victories. I now know better. I think that the parent/child role is so easily traded...often times on multiple occasions in a single day. I can teach and learn from my children all at once, and it remains amazing to me. We have been on a survival high around here. In fact, it has been Joey's favorite topic since his victory lap last Friday night. What struck me that evening was his innocence combined with a sense of achievement as he rounded that track. Even though he had just been told what the term survivor meant, I think he inherently knew the meaning of survival. When we got home, he just wanted to share it. He immediately said to me, "Mom-I want to call Grandpa Gilbo to make him really proud of me." (For those who may not know, Grandpa Gilbo is my dad, and he has recently been undergoing treatment for lung cancer) He said, "I want to tell him that if the nurses get his stuff out, then he gets to be in a parade!" " And, people will cheer for him. And, if he doesn't have cancer, then he is a SURVIVOR!" So, we did call Grandpa the next morning. And, Joey said all that he wanted to say. And, he taught his mom and his grandpa the joy of life once again. Good thing too, because we have needed that survival instinct this week. But, not for Joey--for Gina. She decided to take a ride on my treadmill on Sunday when we weren't around. She then found out why we have forbidden her to get on the treadmill....the speed was increased and she flew off of it ending up with 27 stitches in her side. She is doing well now--but, we spent yet another day of our lives at Akron Childrens. I have to say, though, that once the trauma was over, our brief stay put me in check once again. I was, for a brief moment, believing that I had some control over my life. This event just reminded me, once again, what little control I actually do have. My children continue to teach me that we get a clean slate each day, to write a new story or paint a new picture. Lately, our pictures have been nothing but rainbows, and I remain so grateful for all of your support that helps us balance that line between faith and fear. We are all survivors. Joey said so. I tucked him in on the night of the Relay with a quick prayer because we were all so tired. I said, "Thank you God for my survivor!" To that, Joey said, "And thank you God for MY survivor! You're a survivor too Mommy, because YOU made it!" Not without you teaching me each day Joey. Not without you......

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