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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 10:25:20 17/06/05

Home sweet home! We had a great time, but it is great to be home. We are all pretty wasted today. Joey is busy right now in his playroom revisiting all of his toys. I am still in my pj's, and I don't feel the need to get dressed anytime soon. Gina is doing what all summer vacationers should do, NOTHING, in front of the TV. We will spend the day regrouping before meeting up with the Flahertys for the much anticipated wedding of Ian and Jen! Speaking of Flahertys, here is a little vacation story you will all enjoy. We were on Day 2 of Disney at MGM Studios. Many of us were busy riding the Rockin Roller Coaster, so I took Joey into a store to keep him cool and occupied. We were looking at a full wall of hats when Joey said, "I want THAT one!" It was a Stitch hat. Now, there were at least 30 hats on this wall, and I wanted to occupy a little more time, so I said, "Are you SURE you want THAT hat? There are lots of hats!" Joey said in very definite terms, "Mom! I am SURE! I WANT THAT HAT!" So, we bought it. Now, Stitch is looking really cool surfing on this hat, but the amazing part of the hat is hidden on the side of the brim because it is there where you find the words, "Hang Loose!" Something told us that a very special angel was watching over us on our trip. And, I am sure he will be with us all tomorrow as we continue to celebrate as a family how precious this life is. Joey said on the plane, "Mommy, how many days until we go back to Disney World?" Well, we won't be making a paper chain to count that down anytime soon. But, we will be "remembering the MAGIC" for a very long time.

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