Greetings from Disney World!!!

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Posted by Jeff Tubo ( on 18:19:44 10/06/05

Hello people! Greetings from Disney World! Day three is almost complete. We arrived at Give Kids the World on Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately, we were told upon arrival that they did not have a room for us! It tuned out, thatthe villa we were to stay in, had major issues with broken air conditioning, and the carpets needed cleaned. Laura and I almost broke down in tears. The girl did not tell us that we would be able to come back the ext day to check in. Turns out, they put us up at the Disney Beach Hotel, on the VIP 5th floor (with the option to stay there for the week, or check in on Thursday back at Give kid's te world). Well, we have chooses the latter because it is so sweet! Joey and Gina love the huge pool, we can go back to GKTW anytime we want, and there is free food and drinks anytime on this fifth floor, which you need to have your key to access in the elevator!! On Wednesday, we just hang here at the Beach Club and swam. On Thursday, we went to the Magic Kingdom and were greeted by Laura's sister, my brother-in-law, and Joey's cousins, and the Jankura family who are also down here at Disney. We met all of them at the Starlight Cafe foe a quick grab of dinner. We then went on Space Mountain (several times), the teacups, and Small World, "Stitch's Great Escape” and Mickey's 3-D show (I forget the name of it, but Like my sister-in-law says, "something's wrong with you if you don't "feel the magic" after seeing this show!"). It rained off an on the whole day, but who's to ay that it would ruin our day? NOT! Joey "tucker out" and his big daddy brought home back to the hotel for some "crustabale P & J's and some swimming in the gigantic pool" Laura and Gina remains at the park to ride a few rides. Laura and I joined us later in the evening for some video games before we turned in for the night!
DAY TWO! We went to MGM: Areosmith's Rocking' Roller coaster abbot (10) times for all family members! You see, with Joey's "make a wish Genie hat", we don't wait in any lines...... we get on every ride faster than ever imagined!! We were joined by Laura's Father Gil who came up from Ft. Lauderdale. His friend and our good friend June were also with Gilbo! June always brings the "BAR" for all of us. She loads the car full of booze and great snacks!! We did "Tower of Terror", the new "stunt show", "The great American Movie Ride"........ Everyone departed the park at about 5PM and they are actually showing up now at our room for a big get together here at our hotel! The Disney people have been nice enough to let our family "celebrate life" with our family and friends! Stay tuned for further updates! Hopefully, I can get these pictures to out Web Master, cousin Mike, and you all will be able to view the awesome pictures from our trip!! Thanks to all and wish you all could be here!! (Joey has some great "one liners" which Laura will fill you in on at a future time!

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