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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 23:07:44 01/06/05

I know it's been awhile, but we have just been having a blast lately. Fun feels normal, and I'm lovin it! We are down to monthly check-ups, and we have been fever-free for 2 weeks. Last week, we visited the Endocrinologist for a routine evaluation. She was very pleased with Joey's growth, appearance and overall health. I knew he'd fare well in the growth category. I knew this because recently, he has been puting away massive quantities of food. The other night he asked for bacon. Now, it was 9:30, he had already eaten like 3 dinners, and I didn't feel like cooking bacon. So, I said, "Joey, how can you be hungry?" To that I was told, "Mommy, because I'm a thousand percent MAN, and I'm HUNGRY!" I made the bacon. It's hard to resist giving him anything he asks for quite frankly. He is looking absolutely adorable with a full head of curly hair. Aunt Lisa said he looks like a newborn chick---and I thought that was such a great analogy. He is a newborn in so many ways. I remember thinking not too long ago---"If we can just get to his 5th birthday!" Well, it is coming up soon, and the party plans are in full swing. We are, of course, having a Bond birthday-- like most 5 year olds. I was able to find tuxedo dinner plates and martini glass cake plates. And, it goes without saying that we rented a hot tub. I think we're on to something....who needs a clown when you can lounge around the hot tub all afternoon? Right? I tried to buy a #5 candle for the cake, but I was quickly informed that we needed three candles, #007. So, three candles were purchased! Anything for my secret agent. I'll put 40 candles on it if he wants!!! It's all about the party, lately, and we couldn't be more thankful. Tomorrow evening, our Make-A-Wish volunteers are coming over to give us our itinerary for Disney World. Each day, Joey wakes up and announces how many more days until Disney. It's definitely "Time to Remember the Magic." Aunt Lisa had a kick off party last Friday to pump us all up for the big trip. She gave us her own trip tick packets fully equipped with laminated Small World Lyrics. She is really better than Triple A. It must have stuck with Joey because I caught him singing the song today. It really is such a small world. I try to remember that each day---that we are not the only survivors. And, each day that we are free of this nasty disease, some other person/child is dealing with it. On June 24th and 25th, we are participating in our local Relay for Life. Our team is made up of mostly my co-workers. We are called "Joey's Superhereos". I understand that the kick off on Friday evening is quite moving. There is a survivor lap. Last year at this time, I walked thinking only of Joey. This year, I will walk with him, hand-in-hand. Please consider donating to your local Relay. If we all walk hand-in-hand, it truly CAN be a Small World.

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